Lake Tahoe Relay 2013


George, Jay, and I drove up to the Tahoe area on Friday. We stopped by the Sugar Bowl ski school area to hike up to Donner Peak. It was a quick hike with a little bit of snow and some great views.

Rocky Trail

Rocky trail on the way to Donner Peak


Some remaining snow on the trail

Donner Lake

Donner Lake from the summit of Donner Peak


Cliffs on the summit of Donner Peak

We hiked back down and drove into town. We met the rest of the team at the Blue Coyote Bar and Grill, then we drove out to the cabin near Northstar. We hit the sack early.

The next morning we ran the Tahoe relay. It was hot, somewhere near 85 degrees at the peak of the day. We didn’t run fast, but we finished the race, and we had a grand old time.

DPP_0001 DPP_0002 DPP_0003

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